Survey for environmental and sustainability programs implemented in public schools

Subject: An opinion poll on the environment and sustainability programs implemented in public schools.

Involve schools of all categories of students and teachers in scientific and environmental programs and events at the national and global levels and enhance their social responsibility
Prepare students as future scientists in scientific programs and motivate them to write scientific research and develop solutions to environmental problems with applicable scientific innovations and inventions
Training teachers and preparing them as international trainers in environmental and sustainability programs
Decision Making:
  1. Providing introductory meetings on all programs and projects for environment and sustainability programs during the month of November for all schools at the state level
  2. Develop operational plans for programs and projects and start implementing them
  3. Communicate with the competent authorities to provide the needs of the schools
  4. Develop training programs for teachers and students and qualify them as environmental leaders
  5. Developing enrichment programs and communicating with key partners
  6. Launching environmental scientific competitions for schools and motivating them with certificates and prizes
  7. Participation in regional and global meetings to develop their capabilities and skills and obtain international certificates
  8. Evaluation of projects and programs through a selection of specialists within the institution and from universities
  9. Communicate with the main partners to implement the programs.

2/8/2023 5:18 PM