The Emirates Schools Establishment and Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation Launch “Takween” National Program


Targeting 5,000 Public School Students

The Emirates Schools Establishment and Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation Launch “Takween" National Program

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1 November 2023 - The Emirates Schools Establishment and the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation have launched the national program "Takween." This initiative aims to develop the cognitive and skill capabilities of 5,000 cycle two and three students in public schools nationwide while providing academic guidance to help them achieve their future career aspirations. This will be achieved by engaging them in various after-school programs and training courses.


A memorandum of understanding was signed by both parties, acknowledging the importance of joint efforts between both entities in implementing projects aligned with the nation's objectives of developing public education and bringing it to the highest levels of global competitiveness.


As per the MoU signed by Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar, CEO of the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation, and His Excellency Mohammed Alhashmi,

Executive Director of Students Wellbeing Sector at the Emirates Schools Establishment, the first phase of the "Takween" national program will be launched at one of the Zayed Educational Complexes. Over the next three years, it will expand by establishing several centers across the country. These centers will offer students a wide range of activities and events tailored to their age groups and school levels to ensure the program's desired objectives are met.


Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar said, "Our collaboration with the Emirates Schools Establishment in the 'Takween' program reflects our commitment to nurturing the ambitions of future generations. Through this program, we aim to provide a robust platform for students to continue learning, and excelling in a non-traditional academic environment." She added that, since the program is part of social responsibility, efforts will be coordinated between the education sectors, government entities, and entrepreneurs to ensure participation in the program, which aims to enhance students' capabilities and equip them with the skills and competencies they need for the future.


H.E. Mohammed Alhashmi stated, "The launch of the national program 'Takween' stems from the Emirates Schools Establishment's commitment to empowering the public schools' students in various aspects of knowledge, skills, and life. It is built on the belief that schools are the primary incubators for the creativity and innovation of students, providing them with a supportive environment for the development of their abilities and talents." He further indicated that the program, resulting from constructive cooperation between the Emirates Schools Establishment and the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation, will focus on improving academic performance, and developing their skills in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the program will provide advice and guidance on how to achieve their aspirations at the university level and attain the future careers they aspire to.


The "Takween" program enhances the role of extracurricular activities and events that focus on future skills. It also aims to improve students' capabilities in fundamental subjects such as math, English, and science, which support their academic progress in schools.​

11/9/2023 8:18 AM