A survey on the effectiveness of content delivered through social media channels for the Emirates Schools Establishment

Survey Topic

The Emirates Schools Establishment is committed to maintaining effective communication with various segments of the society, keeping them well informed of all developments and news of the public education sector and the Establishment's services, via its social media channels. We designed this survey to listen to your opinion, learn how satisfied you are and the preferred method to receive the Establishment's content 

Survey Objective

The survey aims to assess the level of content provided to the public via social media channels, as well as the best way/means to present the Establishment's content in a manner that contributes to effectively communicating its messages to the audience

Decision Making

The public's participation and answers will be studied, and necessary improvement measures will be implemented to develop the Emirates Schools Establishment's social media content


  1. Based on the feedback that we got from the survey, the team will work to improve the content on Emirates Schools Establishment social media channels. Changes will be implemented in 2023.
  2. Variety in content that includes:
  3. Prepare educational contents about UAE's tradition, in order to foster a sense of national pride and identity among students.
  4. Prepare contents to highlight the  students activities in schools and their participation in national and international competitions. 
  5. Prepare content about UAE's educational sector in both Arabic and English languages.
  6. Prepare a variety of content that will serve different age groups.

2/8/2023 5:43 PM