Emirates Schools Establishment Organizes International Trips for 270 Students as Part of the "Summer Abroad" Program


Summer Abroad

The Emirates Schools Establishment organized international trips for 270 students as part of the "Summer Abroad" program. These students, who demonstrated academic and knowledge excellence during the 2023-2024 school year, visited four countries: Japan, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Singapore.

The program aims to enhance students' abilities to explore, learn, and refine their skills by allowing them to experience new knowledge and cultural environments. The program includes training workshops, visits to several global universities and academies, and various activities and trips to cultural and tourist sites with specialized supervisors.

His Excellency Engineer Mohammed Al Qassim, Director General of the Emirates Schools Establishment, emphasized that the "Summer Abroad" program reflects the institution's commitment to nurturing and developing students' talents by exposing them to inspiring global academic and cultural experiences. These experiences are intended to aid their future educational journeys and open more opportunities for excellence and advancement.

His Excellency explained that the program offers students the chance to get acquainted with prestigious global universities and institutes that lead the worldwide movement of innovation, artificial intelligence, and various scientific and humanitarian fields. This is to foster and enrich the spirit of creativity and innovation among our students, develop their diverse skills, and assist them in planning their future educational stages. He confirmed that the program provides a distinctive educational vision for participating students through its activities, allowing them to learn about the efforts and best practices of leading countries.

His Excellency added, "At the Emirates School Establishment, we strive to enhance our students' competitiveness through specialized programs that help solidify educational outcomes at different stages of their education. Our goal is to prepare our students for the future and enable them to choose their future educational paths in line with their aspirations and the priorities of the United Arab Emirates."​

7/8/2024 8:29 AM