Open data is the data that anyone can use, reuse, distribute or share with others without technical, financial or legal restrictions. In most cases, the user might be asked to abide to two conditions:

  • To mention the document source.
  • Abide by copyleft licenses.​

The word ‘open’ refers to the fact that everyone can access, use, modify and share data for any purpose (provided that the source is mentioned and data is re-subjected to ‘open data’ principle)

Following are the obligations of ESE and the visitors regarding the data:

I. ESE obligations towards our customers:

  •  Provide open data on ESE’s services and activities, or information that is subject to public interest and is valuable to the website visitors.
  •  Provide data over several years
  •  Publish raw data as much as possible
  •  Provide access to data without any restrictions or registration
  •  Provide real-time open data as much as possible and make it available for technical use
  •  Publish data in adjustable and reusable file formats in ‘cut-paste’ mode as well as downloadable
  •  Enabling you to express your opinion in the open data available on the website
  •  Provide a detailed description of the files’ type, size, and publish date​

II. what we expect from you when re-using the open data from ESE website:

  • To refer to ESE as the data source with the name of the file and publish date
  • Not to use the data for political purposes, or to support illegal or criminal activity, or to have a negative impact on the name or position of the UAE, or any illegal activity, or contrary to the values of the UAE society.
  • Re-subjected the data to ‘open data’ principle and share it with the public
  • ESE is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences or damages that may arise from the use of available data on its website. Such liability rests upon the user.
ESE follows and complies with theOpen​​ Data Specifications Guidelines for UAE Government Entities(Arabic)(PDF 1.3 MB)published on the UAE Government official portal.

7/24/2023 2:34 PM