Mission :
To enhance the quality of public education and the academic environment, by implementing modern educational methods and empowering leadership amongst school students and staff, so we can advance knowledge, while developing rich cultures and highly skilled students.​

To become an innovative leader of public education and a role model for the world. 

  1.  Responsibility & Accountability: We are fully accountable for developing public schools for responsible and inspiring generations.
  2. Transparency: We communicate transparently with our team and the community, and we are very clear in our vision and decisions. 
  3. Teamwork: We work with our employees and partners as one team. 
  4. Focus: We focus on our priorities to achieve what is in the interest of our schools and students.
  5. Empathy: We think about each other before we make any decisions and empathize with each other better, which makes us more cohesive. ​
2/8/2023 7:00 PM