Frequently Asked Questions

Part One: About Emirates Schools Establishment and its relationship with Ministry of Education

About Emirates Schools Establishment:
Emirates Schools Establishment is an independent federal entity responsible of enhancing the efficiency of the UAE’s public education sector, within the framework of the government’s general policy. The establishment will also develop strategies and plans for learning, teaching, and student wellbeing, in addition to operating, managing, and establishing schools and kindergartens across the UAE. The establishment’s role will be integrated with various federal and government authorities concerned with educational affairs, based on effective cooperation forms that ensure the achievement of the wise leadership’s aspirations and the country’s direction related to education.
What is the relationship between Emirates Schools Establishment and Ministry of Education? And what is the difference between both entities?
What are the tasks/duties of Emirates Schools Establishment?
What are the tasks/duties of Ministry of Education?
What is the reason behind the separation process between both entities?
Who are the decision makers at the establishment?
Who are the establishment’s Board Members?
Where is the establishment’s headquarters located? Any other offices located across the country?

Part Two: About the establishment and its relationship with public schools, students, and parents

Who is responsible for communicating with students and parents?
Who is responsible for managing and operating public schools in the country?
Who is responsible for school principals and teachers in public schools, and for the reqruirements of the educational field and cadres?
Does this mean that all employees in public schools moved to the establishment?
Who is responsible for managing the relationship with the local entities, responsible for the education sector? What about attesting private school certificates?

Part Three: Managing and operating public schools, academic calendar, exams and curriculum

How will the education mechanism be in public schools during the academic year 21-22?
What is the education model that will be adopted by public schools during the academic year 2021-2022? Will it be physical or distance learning?
What about the acdemic year calendar and school holiday dates in the next academic year 21-22?
What about managing the exams in public schools and the results/grades?