ESE Overview

Emirates Schools Establishment was established based on Federal Decree Law No. 15 of 2016 issued by the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, May Allah protect him, to contribute and partake as an integral part of the efforts made to develop the public education sector in the UAE, in line with the country’s vision and it’s centennial that was based on the quality of the educational output to sustain the development process by joining and uniting efforts and visions to offer quality education to the students in public schools.

ESE Objectives

  • Developing strategies, educating and learning plans, as well as the student welfare programs.
  • Promoting and enhancing the competence of the Federal State Education sector.
  • Operating, managing and establishing schools and kindergartens.
  • Encouraging educational studies and research for developing learning.


Emirates Schools Establishment, with its mandate as an independent legal, administrative and financial entity, will take on enhancing the efficiency of UAE’s public education sector, within the framework of the government’s general policy. The establishment will also develop and apply policies, strategies, standards and controls within the education sector, including vocational, technical and continuous education, in addition to developing strategies and plans for learning, teaching and student wellbeing in all schools under the establishment.

Moreover, Emirates Schools Establishment will suggest legislation related to enhancing UAE’s public education sector and submitting it to the Ministry of Education, in addition to operating, managing, opening and closing schools, kindergartens, vocational and technical institutes of the establishment, besides sustaining them and filing reports in their regards to the Council of Ministers of the UAE.

The establishment will also set standards, tools and methods for self-assessment of schools, kindergartens, public technical and vocational institutes and oversee the execution of development and improvement plans, In addition to training and offering technical support to the establishment’s educational staffs, as well as managing and overseeing students’ national and international exams, along with other specializations.

Organizational Chart

Board of Directors

The formation of the board of Directors of Emirates Schools Establishment , initiated by virtue of the resolution of the Council of Ministers, and includes (11) members chaired by Her Excellency Jameela Bint Salem Al Muhairi, echoes the improvement plans of the outcomes of the government public education by leveraging and utilizing the multidisciplinary expertise of the members as it reflects a blend of the From the federal, governmental and private public sectors, which will contribute to further development and modernization in public education system.

The council shall emphasis on developing policies, strategies, initiatives and standards concerned with the education sector in UAE, as well as offering legislation to advance the learning environment and education programs in government schools, To achieve an integrated education system that will contribute to the improvement of educational output in order to keep qualitative and comprehensive development in the UAE, In line with UAE Vision 2021, focusing on the development of a high-level education system.

H.E. Jameela Bint Salem Mesbeh Al Muhairi

Minister of State for Public Education
Chairperson of the Board of Emirates Schools Establishment

H.E Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak

Chairman of Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

H.E. Khalfan Belhoul

CEO of Dubai Future Foundation

Dr. Raja Al Gurg

Managing Director of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group

H.E. Najla Ahmed Al Midfa

General Manager of Sharjah Entrepreneurship

H.E. Salma AlDarmaki

Assistant Undersecretary for Knowledge and Cultural Policies at the Ministry of Culture and Youth

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi

President and CEO of the Higher Colleges of Technology Complex

H.E. Nasser Ismail

Assistant Undersecretary of Social Welfare at the Ministry of Community Development

H.E. Saeed Al Nazari

Director General of the Federal Youth Authority

H. E. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed Fikri

Director General of Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi
The UAE Cabinet approved the formation of the Emirates Schools Establishment, chaired by Her Excellency Jameela Bint Salem Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education. The Board includes prominent personalities aiming to support the establishment's efforts to enhance the efficiency of the public education sector and develop the country's education sector according to international best practices.
The UAE Cabinet appointed Her Excellency Dr. Rabaa Al Sumaiti as the Director General of the Emirates Schools Establishment. Several supporting departments fall under the Director General Office, such as Strategy & Future, Media & Communications, and others.
  1. Develop policies, standards, general frameworks and procedures related to educational planning and development affairs.
  2. Design key plans for establishing, merging, closing and replacing schools in the medium and long term.
  3. Set general frameworks and plans for designing teaching and learning programs, implementing curriculum, modern teaching methods and strategies, in addition to the necessary educational and technical solutions and appropriate resources that meet the students’ needs.
  1. Provide a safe educational environment by implementing programs to improve the quality of school life.
  2. Develop all students' cognitive abilities and enhance their personal and social skills.
  3. Provide all protection and care requirements in schools.
  4. Allow parents to express their opinions and suggestions and actively participate in school life.
  1. Manage, support and provide all supporting services, including the necessary corporate processes and procedures to manage the establishment’s human, financial, technical and other resources and assets.
  2. Meet the needs of school branches, the establishment's different sectors and schools.
  3. Provide the necessary support to develop the establishment’s operational plans and services.
  1. Supervise the performance of school leaders and schools under its supervision directly, measure the achievement indicators periodically and submit the necessary reports and recommendations to improve the schools’ performance.
  2. Coordinate with the Education Development Sector to ensure the implementation of school development plans, teaching and learning programs, curriculum implementation plans, and rehabilitation of academic cadres in the schools affiliated to the branch.
  3. Coordinate with the Students’ Wellbeing Sector to ensure the provision of a safe educational environment for all students in the schools affiliated to the branch, enhance students’ skills and personal and social needs, and support effective partnerships with parents.
  4. Coordinate with the Corporate Services Sector to provide the necessary administrative services for the schools affiliated to the branch.