The Zero Government Bureaucracy program


The Zero Government Bureaucracy program is a national work model launched by the UAE government under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The program aims to bring about a qualitative and exceptional shift in government procedures characterized by the fastest, easiest, and most efficient processes. This initiative is intended to enhance the UAE government's global competitiveness while improving government efficiency, quality, and flexibility.

Program Goals

The “Zero Government Bureaucracy" program aims to increase the effectiveness of government procedures in all federal agencies and reduce unnecessary burdens on individuals and the business sector by simplifying government services by eliminating and merging unnecessary requirements and processes. The program has three main goals:

  • Eliminate 2,000 unnecessary government measures.
  • Reduce the time frame for procedures by at least 50%.
  • Eliminate all duplicate and unnecessary terms and requirements.

Scope of Application of the Program

The “Zero Government Bureaucracy" program applies to all ministries and federal agencies. Its implementation is based on three main aspects:\

1. Services

2. Conditions and Requirements

3. Operations

​Improving overall services to accurately, quickly, and smoothly meet customer needs.
​Simplifying and reducing the conditions and requirements that customers must adhere to, in line with international standards and practices, whether within a single entity or in services requiring collaboration between multiple entities.
​Enhancing and expediting internal operations to ensure customers receive exemplary services.

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Community Participation

The Emirates Schools Establishment invites all members of society, including students, parents, and individuals interested in the education sector, such as professionals and researchers, to share their ideas and proposals for improving the elimination of bureaucracy. The establishment will review and assess all proposals and endeavor to implement them effectively. You can contribute your insights and ideas through the consultation provided by the establishment regarding the Government Bureaucracy Program​.

7/8/2024 12:05 PM